Kit and Ace

I'm really excited to be teaming up with Kit & Ace, the very cool Canadian apparel brand. I have just had a meeting with them at the Borough store and have been asked to provide artwork and curate the wall space there for three months.

Kit & Ace are founded by the same family as Lululemon and have stores all over the world. I love that their business is based on integrity, morality and living life to the full. Do check them out!

Wild Swimming

This piece is called 'Wild Swimming' and has been brought by some friends of mine. I'm driving it over to their new house this afternoon and wanted to take a quick pic before it went!


Wow, I'm feeling very lucky today in that I have been featured on two blogs - and - both beautiful places to go and have a look around. I designed some PC and phone wallpapers which you can download - along with a whole load of others to choose from created by various different artists and designers. Thank you Ena and Stina so much for these awesome features. 

New home

I dropped these two off at their new home this week. They are going to look fab sitting on opposite walls in a super cool, very modern kitchen space. Can't wait to see them up!


CYL Collective

Im very pleased that I am going to be featured on CYL Collective tomorrow. CYL is a fantastic platform set up by Grace Gulley to champion creative women and she always manages to find and feature the most beautiful work.